Pic-A-Dillie's  Bo-K  Royal  Crown Trump
           BISS Bo-K's Only You  
   CH Pic-A-Dillie's Cosmic Sweetheart
Barry and I wish to thank both Leana Terril and Karen Milham for allowing us to breed to their lovely boy......."Porter"   and will  always be so forever grateful to them for this breeding;  as it is a wonderful blend and does certainly compliment both of our lines !!!!

"Trump"..... was awarded  "Best In  Show" at the Monmouth County Kennel Club's annual match show on Sunday Oct. 19th 2008.... .it was..his very first time out  just a few days shy of 5 months ! ! !

THEN  as a young pup in the fall of 2008.                                                              
Pic-A-Dillie's Bo-K Royal Crown Trump shown above being awarded Best of Breed at his very first show under Judge: Mr. William Usherwood;  we wish to thank him for admiring  Trump's  attributes and type on  May 22, 2009  at the Staten Island Kennel Club in Freehold NJ  !!!!!

We wish to thank all the judges that have admired both Trump
& his littermate’s sound movement, style & type.
Ch. Pic-A-Dillie’s’ Bo-K Bodacious (our “Bo”) won his
3rd Award of Merit at the 2010 BTCA Specialty Show.
We are both proud and thankful for these wonderful boys!
Exclusivley shown in the Bred-By Exhibitor Class.